RED RAPSODY X “SOLO” INTERNATIONAL MOSCOW THEATRE FESTIVAL 2017 ReviewThis is worth seeing just to hear the extraordinary voice Panteleakis produces, the vibrant instrumentation and a charismatic performance. Howard Loxton (British Theater info guide)

EUMENIDES rehearshing for 11 months. Our research is based in actually putting into use the method described in “Aristotle’s “Poetica’’ in which a system is described by which sound is articulated in a way that creates vibrations, which in return are magnified by the rhythmic pulse of the laws of Metric applied called “Prosody”. Apart from training in Aristotle’s method our work includes research in the movement of the body as it inspires and concludes the spectacle. Further more we create our own body Language using contemporary Art forms. The actor becomes a moving ideogram. The movement by which the actor articulates his movement cannot in fact be a different scheme than the scheme of his Voice, there has to be coherent Poetic Harmony. The work conducted is rear and authentic as there are few that involve themselves in a similar manner.

Ajax Cathodos Chorus 2005


(Ajax, Sophocles 2002-2005) ...With masks in the Ancient Greek Original Text and a Technical Rhythmic articulation accompanied with percussion. You will not understand the concepts, but the show is subtitled in Modern Greek. Above all, the intensity of the energy emitted by the actors and especially by George Panteleakis, holding the title role and the “Chorus” part, signing the interesting scenery, illuminated by Melina Mascha, and the Aesthetic of the performance will keep you riveted. I do not know if the experiment might evolve, but the result of this performance was for me a very pleasant surprise.

2005 “TAXIDROMOS“Postman” Magazine, Theater Critique, “Something is going on” by George Sarigiannis

“Who ever believes that without a touch of madness and just by being wise, a poet he can be, he is merely immature. For in all truth Poetry is more a work of a scorned maniac than a work of a scholar”. Plato

Meth’Odos is a one of a kind acting technique, created by George Panteleakis through a twenty year friction with the Greek clasic texts, in an attempt to perform the Tragic plays in the original Ancient Greek dialect. The aim is an Avant garde, contemporary expression in Vision and Sound. The group Meth’Odos performs Ancient Greek Drama in the original Ancient Greek Language. The work conducted is rear and authentic, as there are few that involve themselves in a similar manner. Ancient Greek is the base of all Western languages and the Crossroad of Eastern and Western communication medium. It is a language complexed and musical in its tonation, where sound and meaning are felt rather than thought of. The lost world of “Symbols” with which the actor performs Tragic Logos is the base by which the Actors carry out the Myth.