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An experienced actor in film and theatre, trained in various techniques and styles, most prominent being "Method Acting”, which he studied during a ten year stay in the United States of America. An enthusiast of Yerzi Grotofski's physical Theatre scheme and an experimenter of semiotic logos transformation based on Roland Barthes structuralism theories. A researcher of the lost sound of Greek Tragic Logos for the past twenty years carrying out plays in the original ancient Greek language.Founder of IGC and Meth’Odos.

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“Acting is a way of living and a serious and joyful path towards self-realization. I believe that the primary function of an actor is to achieve pure 'Transformation". That means that I seek to give life to each role that I impersonate, with the ability to become it" George Panteleakis

Relative Work


Wolfman Radio Feature Film

Lead Male: The Wolfman Radio persona


Wolfman Radio Feature Film

Lead Male: Tommy. A blind ballet dancer is being stalked by Tommy, a disassociative identity disorder street artist. George Panteleakis


Wolfman Radio Feature Film

Lead Male: the Stalker

Wolfman Radio 2022

Lead male split personality/Wolfman Radio persona

2017 - 2018

A Boxer, a Singer, an Actor and a Dancer Theater

Lead Male: The Actor. Written and Directed by Georgios Panteleakis. A Boxer a Singer an Actor and a Dancer, interpreting a freeJazz essay on the introvert nature and isolation of a Boxer…read more

REVIEW "Maria Markouli/ It's my blender

"What happens when boxing meets Jazz, dance, singing and story telling. An extraordinary, pulsating performance. In the ring with Jazz beat. A rhythm that changes and ' paints ' its stories and doesn't stop from beginning to end.

....... It's like seeing movies one inside the other. Mankind-dreams, black days, synchronized through the work of a jazzman and the heartbeat of the Boxer. It's the failing American dream-with the blows and knockouts-when Martin Luther King fell dead from bullets and Marilyn would wake no more .

A Trip in a game with risky balance. Life itself. Ladies and gentlemen, "Jazz’n Boxing I tel ya", I hope to see the show again ".

READ MORE Maria Markouli Its my blender

2016 PARK “BEST DIRECTOR’S AWARD” New Directors Competition in San Sebastian 2016 Director Sophia Exarhou

Lead B Male/Alkis

Production Bebenfilms

2015 - 2017

Odysseus. Red Rapsody X Theater

Lead Male: The Poet Directed by George Panteleakis. Odyssey 22nd Rapsody by Hommer Solo for an actor

REVIEW “This was a chance to catch a relative rarity: Homer delivered in Ancient Greek with musical accompaniment. Was this what it sounded like thousands of years ago when people first heard it? …...This is worth seeing just to hear the extraordinary voice Panteleakis produces, the vibrant instrumentation and a charismatic performance. It is not theatrical archeology but a contemporary take that tries to imagine creating things for the first time now as others did thousands of years ago.”Hellenic Centre/September 30th 2017

Howard Loxton (British Theater info guide

Wolfman Radio 2022

Lead male split personality/Tommy the street artist


Monophonics - "Strange Love" Official music Video clip


SERENITY Short film

Lead Male: The Butcher

Director Alexander Pitoulis


Black Box Film Festival in Florida, USA 2012

2007 - 2009

“Eumenides” by Aischylus Theater

Lead male: Orestis/Apollo

Played in Ancient Greek in

prosody, by “Meth’Odos” theatrical experimental team

directed by Georgios Panteleakis

2007 - 2009

“Eumenides” by Aischylus Theater

Lead Chorus

Played in Ancient Greek in

prosody, by “Meth’Odos” theatrical experimental team

directed by Georgios Panteleakis

Ajax, Sophocles 2002-2005

...With masks in the Ancient Greek Original Text and a Technical Rhythmic articulation accompanied with percussion. You will not understand the concepts, but the show is subtitled in Modern Greek. Above all, the intensity of the energy emitted by the actors and especially by George Panteleakis, holding the title role and the “Chorus” part, signing the interesting scenery, illuminated by Melina Mascha, and the Aesthetic of the performance will keep you riveted. I do not know if the experiment might evolve, but the result of this performance was for me a very pleasant surprise.

2005 “TAXIDROMOS“Postman” Magazine, Theater Critique, “Something is going on” by George Sarigiannis

Odysseus. Red Rapsody X Theater Lead Male: The Poet